Warts, DPN & Skin Tags

Safe and Effective Removal of Warts, DPN, and Skin Tags

Take control of your skin's health and appearance with our specialized removal services for warts, DPN, and skin tags. Delhi Skin Center offers precise treatments for a clearer, smoother complexion.

Understanding the Concern

Identifying Warts, DPN, and Tags

Warts are viral growths, DPN are benign small, dark spots, and skin tags are soft, benign lesions. All are common skin issues that can be easily treated.

Causes and Concerns

Caused by viruses, genetics, or friction, these growths are typically harmless but can be aesthetically displeasing or cause discomfort.

Expert Removal Techniques

Our clinic employs advanced methods like cryotherapy, laser treatments, and surgical excision, ensuring effective and safe removal with minimal scarring.

Treatments Options

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Precision laser therapy effectively treats all types of acne and mild scarring, enhancing skin clarity and reducing breakouts.

Radio Cautery

Precision Removal of Skin Lesions for a Clearer, Healthier Complexion using Radio Frequency.

Alma Q-Lite

A potent laser treatment that effectively targets pigmentation, freckles, and uneven skin tone, offering a more even complexion.

Warts, DPN, and Skin Tags Treatment at delhi skin centre

Procedure Options

Explore an array of treatment options tailored to target and remove warts, DPN, and skin tags, prioritizing your comfort and results.

Expectations & Duration

Most treatments are quick, with minimal downtime. The number of sessions may vary based on the size and number of lesions.

Pre Care & Precautions

We provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for your treatment to ensure the best possible outcome.

Recovery and Aftercare

Post-procedure care is minimal, with specific guidance given to avoid infection and promote healing for seamless skin recovery.

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Can these skin concerns recur after treatment?
How can I care for the treated area after the procedure?
Chief Dermatologist

Dr Meghna Gupta

No two individuals are alike, and neither are their treatments. After a detailed skin analysis, we craft a personalized plan that addresses your specific skin concern.


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