Microneedling Enhanced with PDRN for Vibrant Skin

K-Salmon is an innovative microneedling treatment enhanced with PDRN, derived from fish DNA. This unique combination is designed for effective skin rejuvenation, focusing on enhancing skin vibrancy and texture. Ideal for those seeking a natural yet powerful solution to revitalize their skin, K-Salmon leverages the regenerative properties of PDRN to promote healing and improve overall skin health.

K-Salmon Treatment at Delhi Skin Centre

At Delhi Skin Centre, we offer the K-Salmon treatment as a cutting-edge option for skin rejuvenation. Our skilled practitioners perform microneedling while infusing the skin with PDRN, a substance known for its healing and regenerative properties. This treatment is tailored to each client's specific skin concerns, ensuring a personalized approach that maximizes the rejuvenating effects of PDRN.

Advanced Combination for Skin Regeneration

Microneedling with PDRN Infusion

The K-Salmon treatment combines the benefits of microneedling with the regenerative power of PDRN. Microneedling creates microchannels in the skin, which aids in the deeper penetration and effectiveness of PDRN.

Enhancing Skin Health and Appearance

Promoting Healing and Vibrancy

PDRN, extracted from fish DNA, is known for its healing properties. When infused into the skin, it helps to rejuvenate and enhance skin vibrancy, reducing signs of aging and improving texture.

Suitable for Various Skin Concerns

This treatment is versatile and effective for a range of skin concerns, including dullness, fine lines, and texture irregularities.

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