Fractional CO2

Revitalize Your Skin at the Cellular Level

Unveil rejuvenated skin with Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing. This advanced treatment delicately corrects imperfections and stimulates collagen, promising youthful radiance.

Fractional CO2 Treatment at Delhi Skin Centre

Here at Delhi Skin Center, we understand that skin concerns can be distressing. That's why we've designed a treatment journey focused on you and your skin's unique needs. Our specialists are committed to finding the perfect match of procedures for you, from proven topical treatments to the latest in dermatological technology.

Advanced Skin Renewal

Precision and Depth in Treatment

Fractional CO2 laser technology uses microbeams to pierce the skin, promoting a natural healing process. It effectively treats scars, wrinkles, and laxity, while encouraging new collagen production for smoother, firmer skin.

Tailored Wavelengths for Targeted Results

Microbeam Technology

By creating tiny channels in the skin, this laser targets areas without affecting surrounding tissues, resulting in quicker healing and less downtime.

Collagen Stimulation

The heat from the laser acts deep within the skin to jumpstart collagen remodeling, essential for a plump and youthful complexion.

Versatile Treatment Applications

Beyond facial rejuvenation, this laser treats a range of concerns, from acne scars to enlarged pores, with adjustable intensity for customized care.

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