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Tattoo Removal (Alma Lasers)

My wife and I have many things in common including our love for tattoos. After marriage, we both thought of getting a thematic tattoo on our arms but none of us had any space left for a new tattoo. Since we have been getting inked for around a decade, we know everything about tattoos and ways to remove. But unfortunately, we could never find a reliable way to erase our ink.

We were looking for a pain-free technique that could easily erase multi-color tattoo and we found that in Alma Laser tattoo removal. But, we couldn’t find any good dermatology center nearby that was offering tattoo removal through Alma Laser until we got to know about Delhi Skin Centre. There was no looking back after that, couldn’t have been happier getting inked together.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have always been in trend and now a number of people are getting their skin inked. But, what at a given period of life seems attractive or trendy becomes drab at some other point. Then, there are people who want to move on with old concepts & design and experiment with newer things in tattoos. So more and more people want to rid their previous tattoos either for personal, professional or just for aesthetic reasons.

For these reasons, laser tattoo removal has become an important tool in the field of dermatology. Delhi Skin Centre takes pride in offering most comprehensive and world’s latest laser technology for tattoo removal – ClearLift™ by Alma Laser.

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Clearlift ™ Tattoo Removal

The Clear Lift ™ removal uses the latest technology allowing comfortable and fast treatments with visible results. The most advanced laser technology can easily be referred to as an alternative to traditional skin restoration as it provides optimal skin without damaging the underneath layer.

It is highly effective in removing even the most detailed, brightly colored tattoos. Absolutely safe and comprehensive, it completely eliminates the risk of scarring and discoloration.

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Benefits of Clearlift ™ Tattoo Removal

  • Fast and virtually painless
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Laser depth can easily be controlled as per the requirement
  • Gives visible results almost immediately
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