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Photo Facials, Hydra Facials, Intraceuticals Oxy Facials, Synergy 4D Facials

I have been regularly getting skincare treatment at Delhi Skin Centre. Various facial treatments have given great results in short period of time. During one such visit, I got to know about various international treatments introduced in Delhi Skin Centre also known as red carpet premier facials such as Photo Facials, Hydra Facials, Synergy 4D Facials and Intraceuticals oxy facial.

I was intrigued to know the amazing results these facials give but still couldn’t make up my mind. Then Dr. Meghna Gupta explained to me how these facials can easily be mixed & matched to derive even greater results. She also explained how their ultimate goal is to get treatmentplan tailor-made for each individual. After getting my first red carpet premier facial, I realized these facials not only give you youthful glow but also complement well with other non-invasive treatments such as dermal fillers and laser rejuvenation.

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Photofacials, Its working & Expectations


Photo facial or Laser Rejuvenation is a break through skin treatment that uses light-based technology. Photo facials are mostly used for treating open pores, brown spots, broken capillaries, rosacea and to boost collagen.

It gives excellent results like touching up a face in Photoshop! One of the main advantages of this treatment is that you can achieve significant improvement of sun damage skin & rosacea with no downtime.

How it works?

Unlike other cosmetic skin care treatments that remove the outer skin and require significant healing time, an IPL (intense-pulsed light) photo facial gently penetrates the skin without damaging it and destroys the blood vessels and brown pigment that are the cause of the problem. It also boosts collagen, which creates plumper, younger-looking skin. IPL photo facials are a good choice for people who want to boost collagen or treat rosacea acne.

A photo rejuvenation session is best suited for fine lines, open pores, shallow acne scars, age spots, broken blood vessels, Rosacea and sun damage. It also can be used to treat sun damage and weathered areas on the neck, arms and chest, as well as the back of hands.

What to expect?

The number of photo facials you need will vary depending on the condition you’re treating, the results you want, and how your skin responds. For optimum results, at least 5-6 sessions are required. Photo facials work best in conjunction with a regular skin care regime as prescribed by Dr. Meghna.

Results may vary and you can expect to return to your normal activities immediately with minimal precautions such as sunscreen.

Hydra Facials™, Its working & Expectations

Hydra Facials™

The HydraFacial™, the newest advancement in non-laser skin resurfacing, uses patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate. It results in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort and downtime.

How it works?

HydraFacial™ uses super serums made of nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow on the skin. It works well for all skin types and magically treats the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne marks, hyper pigmentation and brown spots.

What to expect?

The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and very relaxing. Most people experience desired radiant natural glow just after single session. Depending on your skin type, frequency may vary. A single session treatment is perfect for those looking for glowing appearance before an important event or function. The most painless comedones extraction. Very safe for teenagers also.

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Intraceuticals®™ Oxy Facials, Its working & Expectations

Intraceuticals®™ Oxy Facials

Do you want to look and feel years younger? Do want to be visibly lifted, toned and hydrated? If the answer to these questions is yes, then look no further. One among the signature range of treatment at Delhi Skin Centre, Intraceuticals Oxy facial can instantly rejuvenate your face.

Intraceuticals Oxy facial is a relaxing procedure that intensely hydrates the skin, reduces the fine lines, wrinkles and gives a natural glow to your skin.

How it works?

Oxygen under gentle pressure is directly applied to the skin, which helps in cooling the skin to prepare better absorption of rejuvenating brightening or anti-aging ingredients. Then hydration serum containing antioxidants and Hyaluronic acid is applied which helps to hydrate and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, essential nutrients are layered to seal the hydration process for a long-lasting effect.

What to expect?

You can simply expect your skin to get hydrated, oxygenated and rejuvenated with Intraceuticals Oxy facial. This revolutionary skincare treatment infuses moisture, vitamins, and anti-oxidants resulting in luminous, unparalleled hydration and visible, age-defying results.

Synergy 4D Facial, Its working & Expectations

Synergy 4D Facial

Cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, oxygenation, collagen production and infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients – is it possible to have all these amazing results bundled into a single treatment? It may sound unbelievable but yes it is true. Synergy 4D Facial gives these results from a single procedure.

Combining latest technology Synergy 4D facial is one stop solution for all your skincare needs. This state-of- the-art aesthetic procedure thoroughly takes care of your skin, nurturing it, pampering it and rejuvenating it to provide glowing, youthful skin.

How it works?

The ultimate in skin health and beauty, Synergy 4D facial is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime. It gives your skin a long-lasting healthy glow very easily.

It gives magical results in following steps.

  • Step 1: Vacuum Bubble Clean – the first step involves cleansing and exfoliation. When the tip of the device gets in contact with skin, the vacuum cleans the skin by sucking all the dirt particles. The cleansing thus takes care of blackheads and whiteheads giving excellent, painless exfoliation and extraction.
  • Step 2: High concentrated CO2 – the next step is inspired by healing powers of natural hot springs. It involves a release of high concentrated CO 2, which helps in stimulating and producing more oxygen in the skin. It further produces countless minute CO2 bubbles, which gently burst on the skin surface and that is how oxygenation process is initiated.
  • Step 3: Controlled RF energy – release of radiofrequency (RF) energy stimulates the collagen production, which helps in achieving firmer skin.
  • Step 4: Ultrasound energy – the last step utilizes ultrasound energy, which helps in infusing good active natural ingredients like Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid depending on concern whether you are using it is as a brightening agent or as an anti-aging measure, which will give you long-lasting glow.
What to expect?

The latest technology combined into a single treatment gives you visible and immediate results. The treatment last for 45 minutes to 1 hour and in just one session you can expect good, healthy and glowing skin.

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