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If you want an instant glow just before an important event or function, then Mesobotox may be perfect for you. A quick fix alternative to conventional facelift surgeries, the new revolutionary technique eliminates wrinkles, reduces pore size and improves skin quality.

A short treatment with no downtime, this is very popular among socialites, public figures, and even brides & their relatives.

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Mesobotox treatment

Its Working & Expectation

How does Mesobotox work?

Simply put this is a combination of Botox and Mesotherapy aimed at giving you the uniform texture of skin. Injectable medicine is delivered to underlying dermis through micro needles so as to spread over a larger area. The rejuvenation thus achieved with Mesobotox is quick, discreet and very natural.

What to expect?

Mesobotox can help you get rid of wrinkles, open pores and gives a uniform glow and the skin you desire. In addition, Mesobotox is also an effective remedy of unwanted facial sweating and considerably reduces the excess oil secretion by the oil glands.