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Dermamelan Mesoestetic

Dermamelan & Benefits

What is Dermamelan Mesoestetic?

Blemishes caused by excessive pigmentation or Sun exposure and imperfections caused by melanin are increasingly becoming more common. Only a treatment that has direct relation with pigment (melanin) formation process can bring back the natural luminosity of skin removing blemishes.  And, that’s exactly what Dermamelan Mesoestetic performs.

Dermamelan has similar active ingredients to Cosmelan but at 20 % higher concentration. Dermamelan Depigmentation mainly eliminates melanin patches on the face – melasma.

Benefits of Dermamelan

This is highly effective for pigmentation that has failed to resolve with traditional skin lightening products and superficial peels. The Dermamelan Depigmentation treatment offers many benefits.

  • Very effective in all types of Melasma – even severe Melasma or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Rapid and easy depigmenting action
  • Works well for all skin types and tones
  • Very effective for acne patients
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