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Body Contouring /Obesity Platform/ Bio Rhythmic massages for inch loss/ Cryolipolysis

I was really excited about my beach wedding in Goa and was all set to wear a gown for my reception. I found that perfect gown but was disappointed to realize that I was not even comfortable in the largest size available. The boutique owner assured me to customize the gown as per my fittings but I told her that it won’t be required as I would get into shape soon. She was all impressed with my fitness goal, not knowing what I was heading for.

I had already researched about 4-dimensional obesity platform. After a visit to Delhi Skin Centre, I was absolutely sure that I would be going in for this treatment. The way, they explained everything and made me feel so comfortable throughout the process, I couldn’t have asked for more. Now, I can’t thank them enough for making my special day even more special. Those who are looking for what I was looking for can check the complete details of the treatment below:

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Body Contouring
4-dimensional obesity platform treatment

4-dimensional Obesity Platform

Getting back to shape was never so easy! 4-dimensional Obesity Platform is a non-invasive body contouring treatment for circumferential & cellulite reduction. It shows the remarkable difference even in a single session, although a series of 6-10 sessions are required over a couple of weeks to achieve optimum results.

An alternative to invasive surgery, Cavitation, Radiofrequency (RT), vacuum, mechanical rollers are all enrolled into a single equipment along with bio rhythmic massages to achieve the goal of effective lipolysis.

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Working, Effects & Benefits

How it works?

Easiest and most effective way to lose those extra inches non-invasively, it shows visible results from day one. Obesity Platform produces high-frequency waves based on the principle of polarization (exchange of ions producing frictional heat) to increase the body temperature & expand the arteries & capillaries to improve the blood supply, enhance oxygenation & nutrients supply, which facilitates:

  1. Lipolysis
  2. Immediate Skin Tightening
Visual Effects
  • Face & Neck: Lifting, Tightening, Anti-Ageing, Rejuvenation, Reduction of Double Chin, Neck Hump, Sagging.
  • Body: Contouring, Instant Inch Loss, Cellulite, Circumferential Reduction of Any part of the Body.

This revolutionary obesity platform achieves the desired result with No Pain, No anesthesia and No downtime. An incredibly effective alternative to liposuction, you can resume your daily routine immediately.

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Cryo Lipolysis

If you are concerned about losing stubborn fat that proves to be a challenge despite rigorous diet & exercise then this non-invasive procedure might just be right for you. Cryo lipolysis is a non-surgical method that applies cold temperatures to targeted areas to freeze the fat.

Working on the principle of cooling the localized fat, the targeted areas are cooled by almost 0-1 degree Celsius to reduce the fat. The effectiveness of the treatment can be completely appreciated in around 3 months, but noticeable results are shown even after one treatment.


FDA approved; this non-surgical treatment is absolutely safe and highly effective. Small pockets of stubborn fat can be eliminated very easily with minimal downtime.

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