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Want a Beautiful Skin

Want a Beautiful Skin? Then DON’T Make These Mistakes

Make your heart happy and your skin will glow. From roads to rough, we get up and get dressed. Morning to night, our skin fights pollution constantly in the sun. Summers make it worse; we sweat excessively that makes it an oily, sticky mess. Skincare changes with time and so do our requirements. There are few common mistakes that we often make during the time that make our skin worse.

Putting up a sunscreen is great, but what’s the point if we don’t re-apply it. The SPF has a limit up to which it can hold up and protect our skin from the sun. It’s easy to get lost and forget it in our busy schedule but they have an efficacy which they lose after a certain period of time. Not re-applying sunscreens mean leaving our skin as it were in the first place – unprotected.

Don’t wash your face more than twice a day. Our skin produces natural oils to keep elasticity in check. Washing it away frequently causes the facial skin to dry. Use a gentle cleanser at the start of the day to ensure mild cleaning but towards the end of the day, use a slightly stronger one.

Don’t skip exfoliation. It is necessary to exfoliate your skin to wash away the upper layer of dead skin cells. The products, pollution, sun and sweat combine to collect and clog pores which lead to whiteheads, blackheads and cause acne.

Try and limit the use of alcohol based products. They tend to cause dry and flaky skin. Use other natural products that are mild and cause no such harm.

Wear a good moisturizer. Many tend to skip the part for their skin feels okay in the morning but moisturizing your skin is essential. It nourishes your skin to the deep and aids regeneration.

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