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Botox or Fillers

Botox or Fillers

Botox or Fillers – Which is The Right Choice For You?

Time has a way of showing its passing. The most notable way it does this is in the way we look. Even the best followed diet and exercise regimen cannot protect a person from showing the effects of age. Sooner or later (if you are among the lucky few) the lines begin to show and the wrinkles begin to deepen. Which woman hasn’t wished for a way to turn back time and regain her youthful looks? It may not be possible to turn back time but there is a way to look younger. With Botox and fillers, it has become possible to achieve the impossible.

What are Botox and filler treatments?

Botox and filler treatments are now affordable and a much better option than opting for surgery to look younger. Botox helps the facial muscles to relax by stopping muscle movement, which in turn makes the wrinkles and lines look less noticeable. Fillers, also known as dermal fillers remove wrinkles, lines and depressions by plumping them out till they are gone. This is done to compensate for the subcutaneous fat loss which is the natural result of aging. These treatments are administered through injections. Depending upon the type of treatment, local anesthetic may or may not be required.

What does the treatment involve?

When you visit Delhi Skin Centre, you will first meet with our experts who will review your complete medical history and conduct a complete analysis of your needs, guiding you on the best course of action. The effects of the treatment depend upon the type of treatment chosen. The effects of Botox lasts for about four to six months while the effects of fillers may last from three months to up to two years depending upon the type of filler used. The treatment procedure may last from 10 minutes to an hour depending upon the area to be treated and the number of injections required. While Botox treatments result in a younger looking you after a few days, dermal filler treatments may take a little longer as the area treated may feel swollen, tender and red for a day and the youthful appearance is visible after a few days.

Are there any side-effects?

When done correctly by a qualified professional, botox and filler treatments pose no danger. When done improperly, these treatments can carry the risk of rashes, infections, swellings, blocked blood vessels, bruising, droopiness, etc. In rare cases, there may be side-effects to the material being used.

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