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I am all set to celebrate my first wedding anniversary but I still can’t get over reminiscing precious moments from my D-day. I wanted to be my most glowing self and I’m glad I managed to do that – all thanks to Babor Oxy Facial I took from Delhi Skin Centre.

As we are stepping into an important milestone, we are very excited to make this day very special. In the helter-skelter of making best of everything, my beauty regimen took the backseat. Then my husband surprised me by gifting a facial from Delhi Skin Centre.

But, I was even more surprised to know it was a “back facial (honestly, I thought facials are only for face). Only after going there, I realized how much care and attention my back needed. I’m thankful to DSC for giving me the freedom to flaunt my backless dress.

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Babor Oxy Facials
babor oxygen

Babor Oxy Facials

A customized treatment at Delhi Skin Centre, it uses natural oxygen for renewal of skin providing an instant result. Intended for any age group, oxygen pulse flow helps to deliver active nutrients like vitamin C, A, E & hyaluronic acid into deeper layers of skin. It works on the premise that Oxygen improves vitality & increases skin metabolism.

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AGAS Facial

Take your step towards spotless skin with AGAS concept facial. The AGAS formula, derived from Dunaliella seaweed – unique algae consisting of an array of minerals, proteins, lipids and beta-carotene (precursor to vitamin A) lightens the visible epidermal layers while regulating melanin production in the deeper dermis to give you ultra-clear skin.

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AGAS concept facial in delhi
anna lotan facial in delhi

Anna Lotan Facials

Anna Lotan facials offer your skin uncompromised radiance, hydration, and rejuvenation. It is a treatment for those who enjoy manual facials and extensive face massage.

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Back Facial

While pampering our face in the best possible way, we tend to ignore our back. But having a smooth, moisturized skin at back is not just a reflection of a healthy lifestyle but also an indicator of overall health.

A back facial typically uses the similar procedures that are used for skin treatments for the face.  A back facial is aimed at clearing your skin from congestion while moisturizing the skin. The back facial can be highly beneficial in cleansing those tough to reach spots and will leave your dehydrated skin on the back moisturized.

This will clear your skin of clogged pores and acne while providing a healthy and smooth back using a deep moisturizing treatment.  It targets specific skin issues on the back for both male and female clients. It will revive, refine, exfoliate and purify your back.

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back facial treatment in delhi